Steel Wool Hand Pads

Product Name: Steel Wool Hand Pads
Category: Hand Pads


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Steel Wool Hand Pads


0000  Super Fine: Buffs final finish on fine woodwork, shellac, lacquer, and varnish (use with wax or oil). Cleans delicate instruments,

precision tools, and windows.

000    Extra Fine: Buffs cabinet work, auto metal, new wax finish. Polishes aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, varnish, and lacquer between

coats. Removes minor burns from wood and leather. Removes paint drips and splatters.

00 Very Fine: Buffs final finish on painted trim. Cleans golf clubs, screens, and frames. Cuts gloss finish to semi-gloss finsih. Removes

old finishes from antiques (use with finish remover).

0      Fine: Cleans barbeque grills, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, and other metals. Removes rust from metal tools (use with light oil)

1      Medium: Cleans linoleum, rubber floors, tire whitewalls. Prepares wood for first coat of paint and smoothes raised grain.

2      Medium Coarse: Cleans glass, brick, rough metal or stone surfaces. Removes rust from garden tools and machinery. Removes scuff

marks and old wax from floors.

3      Coarse: Removes old pain and varnish, gouges and furrows in wood.

4      Extra Coarse: Removes the toughest rust, dirt, old paint, and varnish. Not recommended for high gloss surface or delicare finsihes.

721040 0000-Super Fine 16 6 24
721030 000-Extra Fine 16 6 24
721020 00 Very Fine 16 6 24
721010 0-Fine 16 6 24
721001 1-Medium 16 6 24
721002 2-Medium Coarse 16 6 24
721003 3-Coarse 16 6 24
721004 4-Extra Coarse 16 6 24

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